Problems engaging/disengaging 4wd hi range.

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Problems engaging/disengaging 4wd hi range.

Message par johntimber » 22 juin 2018 11:58


When engaging/disengaging 4WD (hi range) its a bit temperamental. After driving in 4WD, I'll stop on level ground, gear in neutral, wheels straight and put it back into 2WD. Most of the time the light on the dash will flash the 2WD light for 10-15 seconds(approx) then switch back to 4WD light, stop flashing and remain in 4WD. I'll try again....same result. Drive forward 10m, try again same result. Drive forward, try again and it wil convert back straight away. Same can happen going into 4WD from 2WD. This has also happened with the diff lock on. It will always go back to the position I'm wanting, but rarely first time round. Anyone else experienced this??

Please help.

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